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Cluster Randomised Trials: a Course and a Workshop

Sponsored by the International; Society of Clinical Biostatistics, the Institute of Primary Care Sheffield and the Health Services Research Collaboration, Bristol.

Whirlow Grange, Sheffield, UK 5-7 July, 1999


Cluster randomised trials are ones in which clusters of individuals are randomised, rather than the individuals themselves. They are common in health promotion and primary care. They pose interesting statistical, methodological and ethical problems are currently an area of much research.

5th July 1999

Course on the design and analysis of Cluster Randomised trials

Professor Allan Donner and Professor Neil Klar

This course is aimed at statisticians, epidemiologists, public health specialists, health service research workers and primary care academics involved in the design and analysis of cluster randomised trials. Professors Donner and Klar are the leading names in the field and the course and will be based on their forthcoming book.

6-7th July 1999

Workshop on cluster randomised trials

The workshop is also aimed at statisticians, epidemiologists, public health specialists and health service research workers involved in the design and analysis of cluster randomised trials and will involve a mixture of theoretical and practical talks and discussions.


Methods of analysis appropriate for community trials involving a small number of large units

Advantages and disadvantages of paired matched designs

Approaches to meta-analysis of cluster randomised trials

Informed consent and other ethical issues in cluster randomised trials

Under what circumstances are non-randomised trials appropriate

Statistical approaches to analysis of tine-to-event data in cluster randomised trials

Random or fixed effect models for cluster randomised and multi-centre trials

Cluster designs in Primary Care

Bayesian methods and random effects models


Cost of course (one day) 90, Cost of workshop (two days) 100

(includes coffee, lunch and tea)

The Workshop will consist of a mixture of invited speakers and contributed papers.

There will be time for informal discussion groups

Deadline for contributed papers 28th May 1999

Contributed Paper Abstracts should be sent on a one page A4, with title, authors and 300 word summary. There will be time for a 15 minute talk and 5 minutes discussion.


For further details please contact

Mrs AJ McGowan

Institute of Primary Care

Community Science Centre

Northern General Hospital

Sheffield S5 7AU

Tel 0114 271 5868

Fax 0114 242 2136


Whirlow Grange is a pleasant conference centre on the outskirts of Sheffield and close to attractive countryside in the Peak District and to Chatsworth House. There will be limited accommodation on site (on a first come basis).

Organising committee

Mike Campbell (Chair),Doug Altman (Oxford),Marion Campbell(Aberdeen), Allan Donner (Ontario), Diana Elbourne (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine),Sally Kerry (St George's London),Tim Peters(Bristol), Chris Roberts(Manchester), Simon Thompson (Imperial,London)


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