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Calender of Events 2000 -Courses

7 February, 2000
Equvialence and Non-inferiority Trials (PSI, R. Kay), Bucks (UK)

21 February, 2000

Data and Safety Monitoring Board Workshop (MPS, J. Whitehead, S. Todd, J. Bion), Reading (UK)

22-23 February, 2000

Sample Size Determination in Efficacy and Equivalence Trials (MPS, A. Whitehad), Reading (UK)

24 February, 2000
Use of PEST 4 (MPS, J. Whitehead), Reading (UK)

20-22 March, 2000

Survival Analysis (SSC), Reading (UK)

23 March, 2000
S-Plus for SAS Users (SSC), Reading (UK)

31 March, 2000

An Introduction to Bayesian Methods in Biostatistics (Learnstat, D. Stangl), Chevy Chase, MD (USA)

8 April, 2000


Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling (Learnstat, D. Draper), New Orleans, LA (USA)


1-2 May, 2000


Visualizing Data: Building Statistical Models for Data (Learnststat, W. Cleveland), Alexandria, VA (USA)

8 May, 2000

Sample Size and Power Determination for Study Planning and Equivalence Testing: Planning and Analyzing Noninferiority and Bioequivalence Trials (Learnstat, J. Elashoff), Wilmington, NC (USA)

8-9 May, 2000
Multivariate Analysis (SSC), Reading (UK)

10-12 May, 2000
Repeated Measurements (SSC), Reading (UK)

15-16 May, 2000
Multilevel Models in Practice (SSC), Reading (UK)

15-17 May, 2000
Pharmaceocinétique de population (GMP), Lyon (F)

17-18 May, 2000

Generalized Estimating Equations -What, Why and How (SSC), Reading (UK)

18-19 May, 2000

Missing Information in Clinical Trials: Challenge or Curse (BBS-IBS, D. Rubin, L. Sheiner), Basel (CH)

18-19 May, 2000
Entry Level Biostatistician (DIA), Philadelphia, PA (USA)

5 June, 2000


Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology (SSC), Reading (UK)

6-7 June, 2000

Introduction to Sequential Clinical Trials (MPS, J. Whitehead, K. Bolland), Reading (UK)

8-9 June, 2000

Further Topics in Sequential Clinical Trials (MPS, Bigel Stallard, S. Todd), Reading (UK)

19-20 June, 2000

Introduction to Sequential Clinical Trials (MPS, J. Whtierbead, Nigel Stallard), Düsseldorf (D)

21-23 June, 2000

From Theory to SAS. Likelihood-based statistical Inference (MPS, J. Whitebread, N. Stallard), Düsseldorf (D)

9-28 July, 2000


Graduate Summer Session in Epidemiology (University of Michigan, School of Public Health), Ann Arbor, MI (USA)

12-14 July, 2000

Statistical Process Control -Beyond the Basics (SSC, D. Montgomery), Reading (UK)

17-19 July, 2000

Statistical Process Control -Response Surface Methods in Practice(SSC, D. Montgomery), Reading (UK)

16-17 October, 2000


Using SAS Proc GLM (SSC), Reading (UK)

18-20 October, 2000

Analysis of Random Effect Models using SAS PROC MIXED (SSC), Reading (UK)

23-25 October, 2000
Introduction to Survival Analysis (SSC), Reading (UK)

20-25 November, 2000


Modern Regression Modelling (SSC), Reading (UK)


BBS-IBS: Basel Biometric Section of the International Biometrics Society

Drug Information Assorciation

Groupe Métabolisme et Pharmacocinétique


Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics Research Unit -Reading


Staticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry -London

Statistical Services Centre -Reading

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