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Scientific Meetings

The ISCB organises an annual scientific meeting which members and non-members are able to attend. The main objective of the annual scientific meetings is to create an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas among clinicians, statisticians and members of other disciplines, such as epidemiologists, clinical chemists and clinical pharmacologists, working or interested in, the field of clinical biostatistics.

The scientific meetings cover a broad spectrum of biostatistical interests and regularly include sessions on the design and analysis of clinical trials, epidemiology and statistical methodology, as well as from time to time considering more specialist issues such as, for example, education of biometricians and biometrics users, pharmacokinetics, medical data-bases and pharmaco- epidemiology. Each meeting includes a mini-symposium devoted to a particular medical or statistical field. Recent examples have been Organ Transplantation, Regulatory Affairs in Europe and North America, Quality of Life, Statistics in Medical Journals, Prevention Trials, Innovative Methods in Drug Development, Vaccine Trials, and Healthcare Assessment and Pharmaco-Economics.

Previous meetings in recent years have been held in Cardiff (1986), Gothenburg (1987), Innsbruck (1988), Maastricht (1989), Nimes (1990), Brussels (1991), Copenhagen (1992), Cambridge (1993), Basel (1994), Barcelona (1995),Budapest (1996), Boston (1997), Dundee (1998) and recently in Heidelberg (1999).

Future meetings:

Statistics in Drug Development (PSI), London (UK) 8-9 March, 2000

Global Statistical Challenges and Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry:

The State of Practice (DIA), Hilton Head, SC, USA
12-14 March, 2000

Clinical Data Management (DIA), Philadelphia, PA (USA)
14-17 March, 2000

Blind Review (M&S, SFds), Paris, (F)
16 March, 2000

Spring Meeting (IBS-ENAR), , Chicago, PA (USA)
19-22 March, 2000

Quality of Lige Evaluation (DIA), Hilton Head, SC, USA

2-4 April, 2000

Workshop on Statistical Inference (LUC), Limburg (B)
10-12 April, 2000

Statistical Methodology in Clinical R&D (DIA), Barcelona (ESP)
10-12 April, 2000

Annual Meeting (SCT), Toronto (Canada)
16-19 April, 2000

Journées de Statistique (SFdS), Fès (Maroc)

15-19 May, 2000

Joint Annual Conference (PSI-ACDM)
21-24 May, 2000

Annual Midwest Biopharmaceutical Statistics Workshop,
Muncie, Indiana (USA)
22-24 May, 2000

International Conference og The Biostatistics Research Group (Univeristy of Alberta), Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

11-13 June, 2000

Annual Meeting (PAGE), Salamanque (ESP)
15-16 June, 2000

International Conference on Monte Carlo Simulation,
Monte Carlo (Monaco, not joking)
18-21 June, 2000

International Conference on Multiple Comparisons, Berlin (D)
25-28 June, 2000

International Biometric Conference (IBS), Berkeley, CA (USA)

2-7 July, 2000

Statistical Modelling, Bilbao, (ESP)
17-21 July, 2000

Joint Statistical Meetings (ASA, IBS-ENAR, IBS-WNAR, IMS, SSC), Indianapolis, Indiana (USA)

13-18 August, 2000

Compstat 2000, Utrecht (NL)
21-25 August, 2000

Royal Statistical Conference (RSS), Reading (UK)
11-15 September, 2000

Statistical Methodology in Non-Clinical R&D (DIA),
Montreux (CH)
14-15 September, 2000

ISCB Meetings:

ISCB-21 - Trento, (I)                               
4-8 September, 2000 -
Dr. Maria G. Valsecchi, Italy                       E-mail:

Trento Homepage

Trento details
4-8 September, 2000

ISCB-22 - Stockholm, Sweden                                           
Dr. Juni Palmgren, Sweden

27-31 August, 2001

ISCB-23 - Dijon, France                                                    
Harbajan Chadha-Boreham


2nd week of September, 2002

ISCB-24 - U.K.                                                                    
Joint ISCB / SCT meeting.
Diana Elbourne

20-24 July, 2003


Association for Clinical Data Management
ASA American Statistical Association
DIA Drug Information Association
IBS International Biometric Society
IBS-ENAR International Biometric Society, Eastern Norh American Region
IBS-WNAR International Biometric Society, Western Norh American Region
IMS Institute of Mathematical Statistics
ISCB International Society of Clinical Biostatistics
LUC Limburgs Universitair Centrum
M&S Médicament & Santé
PAGE Population Approach Goup in Europe
PSI Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry - London
RSS Royal Statistical Society
SCT Society for Clinical Trials
SFdS Société Francaise de Statistique
SSC Statistical Society of Canada

A selection of talks at the meetings for which papers are submitted for review and which are eventually accepted are published in Statistics in Medicine.
The ISCB benefits from a special journal concession from John Wiley & Sons Limited, the publishers of Statistics in Medicine, so that members are able to subscribe to the journal at a preferential rate.


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