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The 20th Annual Conference of the ISCB and the 44th Annual Conference Jahrestagung of the GMDS will take place in parallel September 13-17, 1999 in Heidelberg, Germany. ISCB-GMDS-99 will continue the long sequence of successful and stimulating ISCB- and GMDS-conferences, which have significantly influenced the development of methodologies in medicine and health care in the past. In keeping with traditions of ISCB a specialized Mini-symposium will take place on Friday, September 17. The topic is the Assessment of Drug Risks.


Topics ISCB-99

The selected topics for ISCB-99 cover a broad range of currently discussed methological problems in preclinical and clinical biostatistics. Participants are encouraged to submit papers focusing on theoretical or practical aspects in these fields. There will be a Presidential Keynote Lecture.

- Frailty Models in Multivariate Survival Analysis

- Evaluation of Markers in Clinical Research

- Impact of Guidelines on the Statistical Analysis of Clinical Trials

- Assessment of Classification and Prediction Rules

- New Challenges in Molecular Medicine

- Statistical Monitoring

- Prognostic Models in Oncelogy


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