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The ISCB also has special working groups dealing with particular aspects of biostatistics. A particular focus in recent years has been statistics in drug regulatory affairs. The chairman of the ISCB working party on Statistics in European Drug Regulation (SEDREG) is Professor Wolfgang K÷pcke, University of Munster, Germany. The other members of the SEDREG Executive Team are Drs Karsten Schmidt (Denmark) and Bernhard Huitfeldt (Sweden), and Professor David Jones (UK).


Subcommittee on Fraud

Emmanuel Lesaffre, Chair
Jane Hutton, Secretary
Marc Buyse
Lutz Edler
Stephen Evans
Nancy Geller
Stephen George
Gordon Murray
Jonas Ranstam
Bruno Scherrer

Terms of reference:

1. To promote the role of appropriate biostatistical contributions in the assessment of misconduct.

2. To develop statistical tools for assessment of data fabrication and falsification.


Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs

Jorgen Seldrup, Chair
Stephen Senn, Secretary
Karsten Schmidt
Helmut Shafer

Terms of Reference:

The subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs will review, comment upon and seek to influence the development of regulatory requirements, guidelines and other documents concerning the scientific aspects of data generation, collection, management, analysis, and reporting. In general, the subcommittee will seek out and handle all regulatory issues in the name of the Society with the approval of the President or in his absence, the Vice-President.


Subcommittee on Education

Michael Campbell, Chair
Michael Schemper
Alberto Cobos
Nancy Geller
Carol Redmond
Shai Linn

Terms of Reference:

To organise one or two day courses on contemporary methods in clinical biostatistics which will involve one or several members as lecturers which will be presented in locations represented by the Society. Guidelines and plans of previous courses are available.


Subcommittee on National Groups and other countries with exchange control restrictions or barriers ("National Groups")

Michael Schemper, Chair
Siem Heisterkamp
Jorgen Seldrup
Julia Singer
John Whitehead (Presidents representative)

Terms of Reference:

1. To help those who are interested in forming a National Group through the approval process.

2. To review the arrangements with the current National Groups, specifically regarding financial matters.

3. To set rules and standards for funding of ISCB members of National Groups and others from countries with exchange control restrictions or barriers to receive waivers from the annual meeting registration fee and other financial assistance.

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Subcommittee on Communications

David Warne, Chair
Bjarne Nielsen, Secretary
Nancy Geller
Elisabeth Svensson
Ted Colton

Terms of Reference:

1. To consider the future of the Newsletter, including:
        a. the possibility of establishing an editorial board with specified responsibilities,
        b. procedures for transition of editorship.

2. To maintain the ISCB homepage on the World Wide Web and facilitate placement of annual meeting information on the homepage.

3. To consider other communications with members, such as through e-mail or the World Wide Web.


Student Conference Awards:

Prof. John Whitehead, U.K. (chairman)
Dr. Marc Buyse, Belgium
Dr. Bjarne Nielsen, Denmark
Dr. Bruno Mario Cesana, Italy

Terms of Reference:

Student conference awards are available for registered postgraduate students to attend the annual meeting and present a paper. The Subcommittee shall receive submissions, judge them, and administer the awards. The rules are announced in a timely issue of the Newsletter.

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Operating Procedures:

Dr. Karsten Schmidt, Denmark (chair)
Mr. Simon Day, U.K.
Dr. Tony Johnson, U.K.
Dr. Nancy Geller, U.S.A.

Terms of Reference:

1. To review operations under the constitution and make recommendations (if necessary) for clarifications and amendments.

2. To collate, prepare or initiate preparation of the society's operating procedures.


Long-term Financial Policy:

Being formed.

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